Links to pages on the site less visible but may contain information of interest. On the one hand quotes on specific themes (friendship, love, success, happiness, disappointment and time to give just a few examples), on the other hand cited the works and in public statements (whether interviews, presentations at events) of some important people of Romanian and international culture and science. Among them Octavian Paler, Emil Cioran, Mircea Eliade but Albert Einstein). Also, sayings, proverbs so beloved structured both issues and their country of origin.

Pages tailored to the requests and suggestions of our visitors and friends who felt the site a suitable enough to host this for information. You will find every country administrative map, physical map, the road map but their combinations and unusual maps.

For those who have visited these cities photos there will probably be some beautiful reminders for those who have not got there yet images will give you a new perspective, different from television documentaries being made ​​with the camera people simple, are there on vacation or business.

Useful safety information and that also require extended to other cities of Romania, saving time spent at the correct postal ZIP code search for the address where we want to send the envelope or package. We will add new links as they become available.

Explanation of nocturnal activities of the human brain during sleep that causes us to live experiences of all kinds, already experienced some live, some imagined, some downright phantasmagoric but that, of course, an explanation.

There was a time when time was the only constant in the universe. There is a long way, and even the speed of light began to appear suspect it would not be exactly constant. Especially when your calendar when we celebrate Easter or the summer time or winter time.