2 months and a half

We could write this blog a month after launch, two months, but I had the same flavor, would have had the same consistency.

We have reached a terminal that any site at the beginning seems distant, we managed to publish the material Meanwhile 200 documented, verified to offer the best and most relevant information.
We enjoyed and motivated us while influx of Facebook friends, we are now more than 4,300, a sign that I have nothing on the road in that direction. As for that today out in front of you and tell you

Thank you!

Thank you for accepting us next to you, as we read, we started to have discussions on the proposed topics. I reminisced together invented the croissant, paper, needle safety and trellis. We tested pajamas, yawning, gems and played together tennis, football and rugby. I traveled with the longest trains in the world and we’ve got to race with a cheetah. I was proud Nedeff Nicolae Mihai Eminescu, Alexandru Proca and Hariclea Darclée.

We learned together that do not grow on trees Faroe Islands, Pacific ocean decreases each year and is the smallest country in the world. I learned that penguins live and the equator, the hippo run faster than Usain Bolt and as Taj Mahal Palace is called Love.

And these are just a few of the materials that we have proposed, these are just the beginning of what is called – general knowledge site.

We want to spend a pleasant time on the Internet, we want to have us in mind when you have a dilemma or just want to learn something new. So we meet again further in chapters and pages of the site!