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The Largest Thermal Lake in the World is Located in Hungary

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The largest thermal lake in the world is 4.4 hectares and is located in Hungary


Lake Heviz is formed over a crater of gushing hot water 40 degrees Celsius at a rate of 410 liters per second. The depth of the lake thus formed is 38 meters and the area of 4.4 hectares. High flow of water coming out of the deep water of the lake to make the change only and completely in three days and a half. Summer water temperature is between 33 and 36 degrees Celsius for winter to be between 23 and 25 degrees. No swimming is therefore possible 12 months a year and the view of the lake from steam escaping winter must be wonderful. After several sessions of foam hands and feet can climb hills Balaton (Balaton otherwise is just 6 km) or Keszthely mountain range that lies near (5 km). Above the lake is built a home health as a floating resort. As in the Roman coins have been found, it is likely that the lake has been used for therapeutic purposes since 2000 years ago.

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