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Stock Flowers that Sells Over 20 Million Flowers Daily

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Stock flowers from Holland sells over 20 million flowers daily
Stock flowers in Holland, dating from 1630, has become one of the most important commercial exchanges in the world. Stock Alsmeer flower is the largest commercial building in the world, with an area as 200 football pitches.

It works like any other scholarship: the flowers are sold in electronic auctions, mediated by brokers, with presentations on a large screen and samples of products. Here flowers worldwide demand meets the supply Dutch horticulturalists and auctions are conducted in reverse auction than other products. Showing a maximum sale price and flower buyers must negotiate down to obtain the best possible price. Thus, every 3-4 seconds, a new transaction ends flowers.

Productivity, Dutch horticulturists have learned different ways to fertilize the land, so that each year one square meter of land reached a record production of 250 threads.

Here, then, is some information that you may ponder when buying a bouquet of flowers for a loved one or if you are lucky to receive flowers.

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