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Norwegian Fjords Formed 3 Million Years

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If you wonder how they formed fjords, well know that glaciers are at their origin. Glaciers moving ocean by the end of ice ages have eroded mountains forming the huge U-shaped grooves, trenches filled with water by melting them. It goes without saying that this erosion was not done for the day tomorrow, probably tens of thousands of years were required to displace huge amounts of rock. Then glaciers dug so much that the deepest vertical fjord has a maximum depth of 1,300 meters below sea level. It’s Sognefjord, the largest fjord in Norway that records the largest distance that go deep in the country, no less than 204 km. Generally fjords have a large watering points some thresholds to reduce sharply their depth, making exist cases in which fjord depth is greater than the sea a few kilometers away. For a concrete idea of the fjords carved by glaciers, coastal Norway totaled 25,148 km without fjords, it would be just .. 2532 km.

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