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Finland has over 170,000 Lakes and Islands

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map-finlandAnd we refer to them gathering them. 187,888 lakes in Finland are fixed more than 500 square meters and 179,584 fixed islands. Especially the number of stories SF seems detached islands but are quite real. There are islands that guard the coast of Finland in the Baltic Sea, those found in the middle of hundreds of thousands of lakes.

Another aspect of the lakes, which alone accounts for 10% of the Finnish and are used for swimming and fishing, drinking water where they are located around the villages and transport even in winter, when their surface is frozen, of course, only If some of them.

Then climb the shore, we must know that attention, 76% of the entire country is covered by forests. And unlike other countries whose forest funds decrease as time in Finland last 40 years were 20% planted more trees than were cut.


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